Interaction Design

Martin Coulthurst

As a designer and developer, I have helped clients deliver engaging web experiences for over 20 years. I have used a range of web technologies and always had a clear focus on user experience. This portfolio shows a selection of the wide range of projects I have been lucky enough to work on.

HM Land Registry Local land charges

Live service

Land registry map screen I joined the Local land charges live service team and focused on improving the UX and accessibility of key features of the service. I carried out analytics work, and took part in user research to clarify the user needs around the search journey. Design changes included the re-design of the results page to improve the usability, and a re-design of an interactive map to make it accessible via keyboard as well as improving the visual elements of the UI.

In addition, I also worked on the companion service for local authorities. This allowed council staff to add and update maps and charge data. The work was a broad audit of the exiisting service together with the addition of key features based on user feedback. As part of this work, I documented the high level user journeys and design patterns, and mapped the screen flow for the two services. Local land charges won the Civil Service Programme of the year in December 2023.

Search for local land charges

December 2023

DfE Apprenticeship Service (ESFA)

Quality Team

ESFA screen flow diagram I worked as part of a small UCD team on a project to improve the take up of accelerated apprenticeships. I carried out design and research for discovery and alpha phases of the work, and provide design support to other members of the team. This included service design and prototyping using the GDS kit. We continued the work into beta, researching and iterating designs based on user feedback.

At the same time, I also worked on live services, focusing on quality. This ranged from finding and fixing bugs and UI issues, to the removal of a significant feature due to poor usage. I documented the high level flows and design patterns, and produced user journey and screen flow maps of the different services.


April 2023

Defra Plant Export Service

Beta phase

Beta phase I worked for Defra as part of the User Centred Design team on the Plant Export service, and added multiple features to an initial MVP. I helped move the project from private to public beta and used quantative and qualitative data to inform the design decisions.

I took part in user research sessions and SME discussions and worked closely with business analysts to quickly prototype and test features to meet business requirements. Additionally, I rationalised the prototype and cleaned up technical and design debt.


March 2022

Tempo Time Tracker

MVP interactive prototype

MVP interactive prototype I designed and built an interactive time tracker to create an MVP prototype. Working directly with the client, I implemented a two layer timeline with intuitive controls to pan and zoom through a 20 year period. I added UI features to the d3.js application to allow tags to be added, edited and removed from the timeline.


March 2021

HMRC Business Tax Account

Live services

Live services I worked as part of HMRC’s Live Services team, during the peak self-assessment period of the website. I was responsible for the Business Tax Account which interacts with over 40 taxes and duties. I devised optimisation experiments based on proactive analysis of traffic data, and designed tools to help visualise data. I closed down almost 100 Heroku apps and moved the versioning to work within a single app.


January 2021

Civil Service Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Network

Accessible interactive tool

Accessible interactive tool As part of my broader involvement with the design community, I volunteered to work with the HMRC graphic designer to build an accessible interactive tool to help managers understand neurodiversity via the Civil Service Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Network.

CSDDN Prototype

January 2021

Goldsmiths University Fraud Detection

The Centre for Intelligent Data Analyis

The Centre for Intelligent Data Analyis For this work, I carried out UX, UI and development work to build a front end prototype using React and d3. I worked with the academic staff at Goldsmiths to create a data analytics application to identify communication anomalies used in fraud detection. The prototype was then successfully used to raise investor funding for the next stage of commercial development.

React prototype

June 2019 User Journey Builder

Adobe XD plugin

Adobe XD plugin Created as part of a series of UX design tools, this web application generates a journey diagram from external data. A CSV file containing the various stages and touch points for a user journey is loaded and parsed to generate a journey map based on the content.


May 2019

VALCRI Crime Analysis

Middlesex University

Middlesex University Visual Analytics for Sense-Making in Criminal Intelligence Analysis. This project involved building map and timeline js components to work within the existing GWT framework, then refactoring to work as part of a Meteor/React version.

Youtube demo video

June 2017

‘Oblivion’ D3 Portfolio

Portfolio interface

Portfolio interface Single page application, dynamically generated from JSON data, built solely using D3.js. Inspired by the future UI used in the film ‘Oblivion’, it showcases some lesser-used techniques, such as animations, SVG filters and gradients.


May 2017

Internet Archive Wayback machine

Beta timeline

Beta timeline Prototype application to display archive records from the Internet Archive. Based on a JSON snapshot for a given site, it shows an interactive timeline of site crawls. The page allows the individual crawls to be filtered by source as well as providing a brush interface to zoom into specific time frames.

Wayback demo

December 2016

O N S Chart Builder

Office for National Statistics

Office for National Statistics Returned to the ONS for a third time to develop a chart-builder tool for their internal system. Used for every chart on the website, it allowed publishing staff to create and amend a wide series of charts within the ONS' style guide, including generating pdf images of the charts.

ONS website

December 2016

D W P Data Science Hub

Department for Work and Pensions

Department for Work and Pensions I created over 20 prototype applications in support of the DWP’s new Data Science hubs in London, Sheffield and Newcastle. I worked with diverse team members and promoted the use of data science. Built a mapping application that saved 30 weeks work each year and was further developed to allow the creation of maps for Parliamentary reports.

Churchill (Youtube)

October 2015

Coupa Dashboard Redesign

Business metrics

Business metrics Designed and built a range of customisable and brandable KPI dashboards, features individual component charts, built using D3.js and integrated into the Visokio platform.


June 2016 Football

Opta Sports Data

Opta Sports Data A range of match data visualisations, based on Opta XML positioning data. It also includes prototype tools for plotting player positions in order to create raw data for analysis.

Football analytics

January 2013

O N S Website Alpha

Office for National Statistics

Office for National Statistics Designed and built multiple prototype applications to help visualise extensive data. Proactively created user-centred application. Established charting templates design and functionality.

February 2015 Crime Map

Open source data visualisation

Open source data visualisation Utilised Open Crime Data direct from the Home Office, combined with Leaflet Maps. Crime locations are plotted on an interactive map, showing historic crime levels and locations. The historic data can be filtered by type and date.

Crime map

December 2013

O N S Wellbeing

Office for National Statistics

Office for National Statistics Built several interactive applications to display engaging data. Carried out rapid prototyping of solutions. Enhanced products to make them data-driven.

March 2013

First Sight Media iPresenter

Video Conference

Video Conference Developed HTML real-time video presentation suite using web sockets. Allows live and recorded video presentation with synchronised slides and polls.

March 2012

B B C The Voice UK

Audio-video recorder and playback component

Audio-video recorder and playback component Created a FlashMediaServer based video recorder. This was linked to specialist analysis software that produced feedback on the quality of the singing, and then displayed in a graphical format.

October 2011

I T V The X Factor

Branded video player

Branded video player I made a number of custom updates to the XFactor video player, working closely with other consultants. I modified the player to work with a range of third party API’s to allow it to be embedded into other sites eg into a visitor’s Facebook newsfeed.

September 2011

Google YouTube Play

Dynamic Web UI using Twitter API

Dynamic Web UI uisng Twitter API Built a web UI for the Youtube Play partnership. This showed video thumbnails with additional meta data. The application picked up specific hash tags, and allowed the visitor to send their own messages directly from the page using the Twitter API to access client’s credentials. "A visit to reveals a stunning custom Apple-like interface, where you can actually search for individual videos on a visually appealing video wall"

October 2010

National Trust Cardingmill Valley

Education micro-site

Education micro-site A pilot project to showcase the use of multimedia technologies for education. A Flash-based learning resource was developed in partnership with the National Trust’s education officer in Church Stretton, Shropshire.

December 2010

Queen Mary University Centre of the Cell

Interactive games and exhibits

Interactive games and exhibits Worked as a senior Actionscript developer to create standalone applications. The apps all used touchscreen interfaces, with some communicating with webcams, microphones and infra-red and touch sensors. I helped to build 10 interactive displays as part of a team of designers and developers.

The Centre of the Cell

March 2009

Lego Legoland Carlsbad

Design and model-making

Design and model-making I spent twelve months working with the team at Lego producing designs and models for the parks in Carlsbad and Windsor. The projects included buildings, figures and physically animated scenes using a range of animatronic props.

Flickr: Willard Hotel

October 1998